Hi there! Bryan here. I’m an engineer currently living in Chicago. I’m a passionate engineer with a wide array of interests. I’m constantly trying to figure out ways to cross these interests (for better or worse):

  • Software craftsmanship - Constantly learning about creating quality software and optimizing my workflow.
  • AI + Machine Learning - Everything in the world is being instrumented with “smarts”. For the past year, I’ve been on something of a learning journey to position myself at the leading edge of this dynamic field.
  • Startups - Have unsuccessfully thrown my hat into the startup ring before, but am always looking for opportunities that exist in the market.
  • Sports - Rabid college football fan.
  • Food - Self-proclaimed foodie. I enjoy the process of preparing a delicious meal (or at least I hope it’s delicious) and sharing it with people I care about.
  • Beer - Enjoy craft beers and am beginning to take baby steps into my own brewing.
  • Woodworking - Like software, I like the prospect of being able to craft something out of nothing.

Feel free to reach out to bryan@bryan.blog to say hi.